Business Overview

Back Solution Clinic offers a unique business model providing a healthy and sustainable return on investment for both Physical Therapists and Investors.

Our clinics offer a broad range of Physical Therapy services to both chronic and acute patients.

We treat all injuries and musculoskeletal conditions, however our unique point of difference is our highly specialised approach to chronic back pain.

We feel this unique approach gives our franchise owners a substantial advantage with online marketing and word of mouth, as good news travels fast.

With both low set up costs, and low ongoing overheads, Back Solution Clinic was created by business owners for business owners. We want more of your hard earned results to stay with you.

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“Become the world leader and authority in the treatment of back pain”

— This is Our Vision —

Franchise Training & Support

Our Vision is for Back Solution Clinic to become the world leader and authority in the treatment of back pain.

We believe the franchise model is the best way to continually attract the most talented and driven Physical therapists.

As we attract new franchise members, we can only achieve our vision through effective training and support. 

This is where we will spend all of our time and attention until you succeed on both a financial and professional level.

Our initial 5 day training program is based at our Colorado headquarters. 

Our cloud based business management and communications platform enables our support team to communicate and provide resources in real time so our franchise owners can concentrate on building their businesses. Our ongoing support program offers business building assistance in all areas of your business development:

Our goal will be to align our ever growing team of practitioners to create an environment conducive to:

Benefits & Differentiators

Low-Cost Model
  • Low Franchise Entry cost
  • Low overheads, why pay for too much space and luxury fit outs that hurt your bottom line
  • Low marketing budgets due to group leverage.
Join an exciting movement
  • We only want to attract the best practitioners possible to create a dedicated team that wants to make a real difference is the solution to chronic back pain.
  • Our model is proactive in collaboration and support between both Franchisors and individuals franchises to ensure both business and professional success.
Unique service
  • Tried and proven treatment approach that doesn't just differentiate you from competitors, it puts you in a league of your own.
  • Endless list of people suffering from Back Pain looking to you for a solution.
Our U.S. expansion plans will position Back Solution Clinic to play an important and significant role at the forefront of this incredible, growing trend.

Franchise Discovery Steps

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  • Complete online survey
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  • Register for Denver Discovery Day
  • Execute Franchise Agreement
  • Join the family, schedule training and begin your franchise success journey
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