About Back Solution Clinic

Our unique approach to Clinical Therapy

The concept for Back Solution Clinic first started in 2002 when one of our founders incurred a serious back injury whilst playing sport. Studying health science at the time with the view to completing post graduate studies in sports medicine, the course of action to find a solution for a back injury seemed crystal clear.  

This could not have been further from the truth. 

Over the course of many months seeking the opinion and treatment from a range of specialist doctors and allied health practitioners, the condition was labeled chronic. 

Another 18 months of frustration in not being able to source a successful treatment it became apparent that the vast majority of modalities focus on acute symptomatic cases, and do not cater for chronic, long term conditions. 

Post graduate studies dedicated to the solution of chronic back pain. 

The neuromuscular principles incorporated by Elite Sprinters and Power lifters to condition their bodies for maximal performance was the key breakthrough in the link to overcoming chronic back pain. 

Once our founder made a full recovery through this unique rehabilitative program, and completed post graduate studies in the process it was time to start helping other people placed in the same ‘chronic’ pigeon hole.  

The treatment process was refined and improved from 2002 through to 2015, by both founding practitioners. In 2015 the first clinic under the Back Solution brand was formed with the view to grow and expand under a franchise model to help and serve more Chronic Back Pain sufferers. 

Our unique business model

During the 13 year period spent refining our unique clinical approach to back pain, we also learnt a lot about different growth strategies in the allied health field. 

We learnt that traditional clinics with large set up costs and ongoing fixed costs, may look really successful from the outside looking in, however they do not offer the best return on investment. 

In 2015 we set up a pilot clinic using a minimalist concept


Again, from 13 years of experience we learnt that the very best practitioners rarely have the business management and marketing experience to see them achieve success. 

Our model is designed to use a proven business strategy overseen by highly experienced and driven business leaders allowing practitioners to focus on what they do best, whilst still enjoying the lucrative success of being a business owner. 


We feel this model offers a fantastic opportunity for highly driven Physical Therapists to reap the business benefits of our unique model, whilst being able to focus on helping people day in day out. 

We honestly believe this Win-Win franchise model allows us to attract the highest level of talent to achieve Back Solution’s vision to become the world leader in back pain.  

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