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Rick Saunders


Rick badly injured his back in his early twenties playing competitive sport. 

Studying health science at the time and having access to the very best Doctors and practitioners, he thought it would heal and recover very quickly.  

This couldn't have been further from the truth. 

After several months of no improvement, seeing countless specialists and exhausting every modality for a solution he decided to dedicate his studies to the solution of back back pain. 

The unlikely breakthrough came from a mixture of both practical and theoretical research in both elite sprint training principles and neuroscience. 

After successfully rehabilitating his back, returning to competitive sport and completing his graduate and postgraduate studies Rick set out to use his experience to help other people desperate to find a solution to their chronic back pain.

What started off as a passion to help people turned into a thriving enterprise as more and more people presented with the exact frustrations Rick experienced in his attempts to find a lasting solution to his back pain.

Through the process of setting up multiple clinics in Melbourne, Australia Rick and his partners learnt there is a fine line between running a profitable business and staying true to the vision to help as many people as possible.

Similar to the breakthrough in finding the solution to chronic back pain, Rick and his partner Daniel finally found the solution to setting up clinics to achieve both financial and patient outcome results. 

The Back Solution Clinic model was born.

A low entry, low overhead model that allows practitioners to do what they do best, whilst creating a valuable asset that provides ongoing financial success to the owner operator. 

Daniel Rodgers


Daniel has been involved in the health industry since 2008 specialising in chronic pain.

Having suffered chronic back pain early in his career, it was the lack of lasting results despite following many of the standard treatment processes taught through university studies that lead Daniel to specialise in chronic pain. 

Daniel has worked with a vast range of specialists from all around the world to understand the intricacies of the human body. During this time, Daniel has refined and developed highly effective and predictable treatment methodologies along with his co-founder.

Over the last 10 years Daniel has both mentored practitioners and grown multiple clinics from start-up to success.  This passion and tried and proven model of success has led to the opening of Back Solution Franchises around the World.

Daniel has worked with elite sporting clubs around the world, Olympic athletes as well as acute and chronic patients making his treatments sought out in Australia and patients travelling from all parts of the world.

Rick Grossmann


Carolyn Miller


Rob Gandley


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