The Back Solution Clinic Story

Back Solutions has been fully operational and grown every year since its inception in 2015, but the story goes far back.

Well before the beginning of Back Solutions both founders were experiencing lower back pain. Their paths hadn’t crossed, and they did everything in their power to help and rehabilitate themselves in order to live a pain free life.

The year was 2002 and co-founder Rick Saunders was experiencing chronic lower back pain. Playing sport at the highest level across Australia he was forced to give up sport entirely for a higher purpose to find a long-lasting solution for his pain.

Rick Badly injured his back in his early twenties, studying health at the time and having access to the very best doctors and practitioners through his football career he thought he would heal and recover in no time – this couldn’t be further from the truth.

2003 was the first year co- founder Daniel Rodgers experienced back pain. As if suffering the pain wasn’t bad enough it forced Daniel to stop all aspects of sport and everyday activities that triggered pain for prolonged periods of time. Daniel has said ‘pain doesn’t just affect you physically, but mentally, emotionally, social, financial I don’t think there is any area of your life that it doesn’t affect you’

Seeing a vast range of practitioners and a lack of results Daniel decided in order to fix himself he would study health. It wasn’t until the 3rd year of study that Daniel started seeing common traits in the industry and from this time forward it wasn’t just about fixing himself, it was about dedicating his working life to helping people in a similar situation to himself.

Daniel and Rick’s business paths crossed in 2010 were they shared the same experiences from the medical profession and whilst not always bad, they shared the same frustrations. They partnered up and grew clinics across Australia, individually and together and saw a massive gap in the industry from all aspects from the way they were run, the operations, the marketing and the overall treatment.

In 2014 the preliminary discussions about creating franchise’s specifically for back pain sufferers arose and over a year of planning the first Back Solution Clinic launched in 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.

The co-founders wanted to perfect the model so spent 4 years working on and in the clinic identifying every conceivable intricates of the business so it was suitable for a franchisee to operate whilst developing the most turn key franchise on the market which led to some amazing discoveries not only from a unique business model saving franchisee’s hundreds of thousands of dollars from day 1 to the treatment methodology.

Back Solution Clinic is expanding across the United States and are expecting to see massive growth within a 5-year window due to the increase of back pain and the growing demand for physical therapists.

Back Solutions invites you to contact the team if you are a Physical Therapist or an investor dedicated to changing the lives of everyday Americans.

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